What are K.I.W.i. Storybooks?

K.I.W.i. (Kids Interactive Walk-in) STORYBOOKS™ are gigantic backdrops that set the stage for learning core curriculum through reading and performing original plays and skits right in your classroom. Standards-based lessons and an integrated app get kids up out of their seats to read, memorize, and discover amazing facts about a themed subject.

Our teaching toolkit includes an educator’s step-by-step “how-to” guide providing everything you’ll need to incorporate a content-rich experience for kids of all learning styles. Innovative lesson plans and assessments are provided with correlations to Blooms Taxonomy, as well as the national standards you need to meet. No hours of prep necessary.

Walk in Backdrops

stage set

Gigantic 5-foot tall backdrops set the stage for plays and kids’ own stories

Teaching with Theater


"Learning through play" helps kids retain knowledge while having fun

Themed Apps


Content includes Q&A, games, and puzzles to challenge

Teacher Q & A

Teacher Introduction
The most
innovative method for teaching Standards-based curriculum
The teacher toolkit includes all the pieces you'll need for theater based instruction.
Your classroom is going to love it!
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